Ex chief justices declares what should be done to police officer witnessed killing a teenage suspect – He is Right!

In other words, Mutunga, who served as the Chief Justice for more than 5 years, suggests that the plain-clothed officers involved in the killings should be in for a probing. He is right based on the actions of the officers. No police officer is supposed to be the jury, the prosecutor and the judge all rolled into one. By killing these two boys instantly without arresting them for a court appearance, police officer above may have violated the due process.


17760070_10208451422630159_2372430645404101397_n Police Officer Ahmed Rashid responsible for shooting dead two suspects in violation of due process rights is identified here. (Source Facebook)

Former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has given a surprise take on the shocking video of a teenage boy being executed in broad daylight.

In a tweet seen by the press, the former Chief Justice is taking on Kenyans who reacted to the video by saying that the officer was right to kill the thugs. According to Mutunga, the thugs are also Kenyans with constitutional rights which have been violated.

In other…

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