Top Jubilee Operatives Plots to LINK Governor Joho to Bombed Narcotics Ship


YACHT-BLOWN-800x800.jpgReliable sources within the Kenyan intelligence community have leaked a state plot to manufacture documentation linking Mombasa Governor to the 370kg of heroin that was aboard a vessel that President Uhuru Kenyatta unilaterally ordered to be bombed despite a court order.

Fresh classified information made available to high ranking opposition figures yesterday cited an intricate plan to inplicate Governor Joho as owner of the narcotics worth more than USD11 million that Uhuru ordered bombed and sunk in the high seas under his supervision and in cobtravention of a court order.

Jubilee have increasingly become desperate to politically cut Governor Joho down to size due to his unyielding support for ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga.

However, Mombasa, the sprawling coastal tourist city has emerged as a principal trans-shipment point of illegal drugs. The port cityโ€™s geostrategic and economic value to the Republic of Kenya makes it a priority for both Kenyanโ€ฆ

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