How Mrs Raphael Tuju fell from lavish Karen to grass


raphael_tuju_by_joseey-d4qlayfFormer Foreign Affairs Cabinet minister Raphael Tuju

Ruth Akinyi, the estranged wife of former Rarieda MP and Foreign Affairs minister Raphael Tuju, now sells food in a humble eatery along Mombasa Road two years after her acrimonious separation from her dashing and wealthy husband.

She gets to work at 10am where she prepares chapati, matumbo, fish, liver, beef stew and rice using charcoal jikos before selling the delicacies to hungry office workers along Mombasa Road in Nairobi.

When Kenya Poa staff visited her restaurant for lunch, we noticed that Akinyi, who declined to be interviewed, has an employee stationed at the entrance to woo potential clients because the establishment has several competing restaurants nearby.

Her meals, which are fresh and tasty, cost between Sh250 to Sh450 but office workers love it because the food is served generously.

In a quirky twist of fate, Mr. Tuju, who made his cash from media and…

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