WHY ODM’s Mombasa Rally OUTSMARTS Jubilee Party Launch in Nairobi

Conversely, no eurobond proceeds landed in the pockets of CORD leaders. The Mombasa function, just like any other CORD affair will be funded by well-wishers. That is what real leaders do. #PamojanaJoho



In American political consulting lore, there is a concept often referred to as bracketing, which in campaigns, involves and not limited to holding parallel rallies, press conferences, town hall meetings in the same area or at the same time as your political opponent.

Bracketing is deployed to neutralize, or prebut an opponent’s message. And it normally works like a charm. This is why the chatter about ODM’s Mombasa Rally being ‘misguided ‘ is political gobbledygook. ODM is simply using a roadtested political strategy to counter Jubilee’s eurobond-funded and taxpayer-crippling political blather.

The Kenyan taxpayer will be presented with two clear choices. One function will be convened by a bunch of political misleaders packaged and paraded as ‘new’ and promising to bring about change, while in Tononoka, Kenyans will have chance to hear from real leaders with real records to smile about.

The Joho-led…

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