HOW Raila and CORD Will BRING DOWN Jubilee Political GOLIATH Costing Billions



By Jackson Omondi

With the unveiling of the new campaign nerve centre and the fuel guzzling sports utility vehicles, the Jubilee government inadvertently overdosed on their own PR prescription medicine.

A government that has consistently served Kenyans with a steady dose of PR finally found a way to overplay its hands. In vintage fashion, itโ€™s PR-obsessed political operatives saw an opportunity to exude political dominance and an aura of invincibility, but what they got was chilling reminder of the sorry state of affairs in the very country that they want to continue leading.

CORD impresario and ODM headhoncho, Raila Odinga, set the ball rolling with a quick reminder of a conveniently forgotten Jubilee manifesto! Odinga is taking them to task over a menu of promises that they made during the campaigns but have since been relegated to the museums.

Since Jubilee wants to show Kenyans that they are the outfitโ€ฆ

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