POLITICS is HARD BALL, Presidency Should Not Be DISHED OUT in BOARDROOMS, Proof Your Worth Musalia!

#CRAZY Heee should not stop and laugh with Uhuru wah! #Baba, SIMAMA IMARA


image.jpeg Hon. Musalia Mudavadi 

By Lady D S
Talk is rife that Raila is fronting for Mudavadi to run for the highest office in the land. Our ears are being bombarded with news that Raila will endorse Mudavadi and reenact the 2002 scenario in favour of the ANC leader.

I want to posit that the PRESIDENCY is too important to be negotiated in boardrooms. Heck, even MOU’s are made and broken at will depending on the situation on the ground and the mitigating factors. It is therefore foolhardy and the height of naivety for any politician to ride on another’s popularity, acumen and organizational skills.

Mudavadi, Kalonzo and Wetangula should cut out a niche for themselves and stop looking up to Raila for endorsement. They should not bore us with the contents of an MOU that we were not privy to. Mudavadi and company should go out there and campaign. Even…

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