DON’T MESS with DP Ruto, he will ‘FINISH’ You politically, Don’t Abuse Raila to IMPRESS Uhuru- Hon Jirongo WARNS Mudavadi


cyrusjirongoBy Hon Cyrus Jirongo

“William Ruto is very much aware that you are attacking The Rt.Hon.Raila Odinga to impress your “master” Uhuru Kenyatta so that he may drop Ruto and make you his running mate like was in 2002,an agenda that is being pushed by the Mt.Kenya mafia on the grounds that Ruto is no more a darline of Kikuyus. I know,you know,we both know that William Ruto values land and money in sacks,and the only way to get these things is through power,the DP’s position”.

“So,my brother, don’t pretend that your talking about a purported Luhyiah “consciousness” when your game plan is to exclude, balkanize and cannibalize the maragoli of Mudete for exchange of being Uhuru’s number two”. But trade carefully, because Ruto is not as sober as Raila,or as mature politically and as forgiving as Raila”

“He will for sure fight for his rightful share with his last…

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