Drug barons heavily involved in destroying Kenya.

He became a key member of the government of Moi’s successor and NARC leader, Mwai Kibaki, holding the key docket of internal security during Kibaki’s second term that started with the controversial 2007 presidential election. In the process to make Kenya a safe heaven for all, he split the beans concerning the drug barons mentioned above.


kbg-660x330The wealthy politician Kabogo, who is married to Harun Mwau’s ‘daughter’, has always been seen as an untouchable drug lord who enjoys State protection. 

1.) Governor William Kabogo Gitau (born 4 April 1961) is a Kenyan politician. He is the Governor of Kiambu County and is with the The National Alliance Party. He won the governorship in a March 2014 general elections.  He is the immediate former Juja MP which he won in 2010 by elections trouncing Alice Wambui of Kenya National Congress who was distant second after rigging allegations, while the previous MP, George Thuo of PNU was left third. Mr. Thuo was later assassinated to cover up issues surrounding International criminal court (ICC).

Mr. Kabogo is perceived to be a male chauvinist having urged all Kenyan women seeking elections to ensure they have husbands, he was also heard fronting for female circumcision, claiming that uncircumcised girls were the…

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