WHY IEBC Commissioners and Accomplice Staff MUST STEP DOWN, Be Surcharged and PROSECUTED


There is uncontestable evidence of systematic deliberate compromise and failure of ICT system with intention of not only disfranchising electorate and elections candidates but also subverting the popular will of the people of Kenya for all the elective positions in 2013.


iebc-picIEBC Chairman Ahmed Issack Hassan must resign. He is not above the law. 

By Phil Wesonga

The Case of Sovereign People of Kenya Against Independent Electoral and Electoral Commission (IEBC)

  1. Prosperity of the country is directly linked to well functioning, accountable and democratic institutions. Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) does not meet measure to this threshold. It is major source of uncertainty and conflict. IEBC has no heritage of rights. It exists to the service of the people of Kenya. It derives its legitimacy and authority from the people.
  2. Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission has full constitutional powers, authority and control on all maters touching on elections and referenda. It has constitutional functional autonomy and insulation to ensure it meets high degree of integrity, credibility, transparency and accountability in its electoral management work in accordance with the recommendations of the Krigler Commission and Constitution.
  3. The IEBC falls under widespread Independent…

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