DRAMA at Supreme Court as CJ Mutunga INTERDICTS Registrar Ms Njora for DISOBEYING orders

Battle of supremercy!


image Chief Justice Willy Mutunga

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has resolved to interdict Supreme Court Registrar Lucy Njora for disobeying his orders on Friday to pass him the file on Justice Kalpana Rawal.

The Show Cause letter is due to be delivered to her this Tuesday morning.

According to sources, Mutunga directed Njora on Friday to forward the Rawal case file to him but she disobeyed. Njora seems to be receiving orders from Statehouse operatives.

Judge Njoki Ndungu was once exposed by late Jacob Juma to have strong Statehouse connections where she serves as a kitchen cabinet of sorts in the night while in the day she is a SCK Judge (alleged Juma on Twitter)

Interdiction means the Registrar will now stop working and will only receive half salary until her case is investigated and decided.

The Judicial Service Commission plans to meet on Thursday to consider the conduct of Supreme…

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