MOSES KURIA threatens ROBERT ALAI – I can assassinate you like JACOB JUMA!!

This is weird oooh my God, how can he say this courageously? ook


imageTuesday May 17, 2016 – Gatundu South MP, Moses Kuria, has threatened to assassinate blogger Robert Alai ‘just like Jacob Juma’ after he linked him to looting of businesses and mugging of pedestrians in Nairobi during CORD’s anti-IEBC demos yesterday.

Moses Kuria texted Alai this morning and warned him of dire consequences for posting Kibagendi’s post that linked him to Monday’s looting where CORD protestors mugged innocent civilians during their demo against the IEBC.

Alai posted an article from Kibagendi that indicated how Moses Kuria hired youths from Gachie, Ruaka and Ndumberi areas to infiltrate CORD’s protests and in the process loot and harass the public to paint the picketers in bad light.

After posting the article, Moses Kuria texted Robert Alai and told him

“Chunga You can be Jacob Juma”

Meanwhile, sources say that one of those youths who succumbed to injuries after being beaten by police was from Ndumberi…

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