And He said to them, “Why are you troubled? And why do doubts arise in your hearts? Luke 24:38

All of us struggle with doubt. We struggle with the promises of God when the going gets tough and the future seems uncertain. Some of our doubts appear in moments of weakness and disappear, or during times of prayer. Other doubts stay with us so long that they become a part of our lives. Over time, we become used to them and even fail to notice them any more.

• Doubt impacts on our relationship with the Lord. Every relationship thrives on trust. We cannot have intimacy with God or please Him when we doubt what He says.
• Doubt hinders our prayer life. It renders our prayers weak and ineffective. If we believe God and do not doubt Him, we will have the privilege of experiencing His power to do things that are considered unattainable in the natural.
• Doubt also hinders our service to God. How many of us have neglected to answer God’s call because we questioned our ability? How often have we hesitated to act on our convictions because we were unsure of how others will see us?

Why do doubts arise in your heart? Trust in the Lord. Trust in His promises. Trust that His grace is sufficient for you. Trust Him to lead you. Trust Him to open doors for you. Trust Him. HE’S ABLE!!!bb

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