As Raila Odinga continues to smoke them out of their hideouts, Kenya’s notorious thieves and the corrupt have adopted one language: “I don’t know him/her…I have never met him/her”.

Look at these:
Uhuru says Waiguru is not his girlfriend and has never been his prostitute. Yet he allocated a staggering 22BILLION to NYS for her to play with. Through the equally corrupt EACC he is still protecting her from investigation and possible prosecution.

Tonui says he has never met Geofrey Kiplagat yet they are said to be neighbors from the same village.

Waiguru says she has never met (that woman) Josephine yet Josephine was her hair dresser before being promoted to be a “business partner”.

Mutahi says he doesn’t know that woman (Anne Waiguru) yet he was Waiguru consultant for 3 years as they consulted and planned on what to do with Uhuru’s “gift” of 22BILLION allocated to NYS.

WaKenya mnacheswa na hawa wakora!12717828_1122682827742321_9089426440482775279_n.jpg


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