“i have a bone to pick with families of the Kenyan assassinated.I salute you for your tireless writing on the real story of your father’s persecution and terrible fate.There is a similar no nonsense approach by one of JM Kariuki’s daughters.Fighting for the truth.Most of the other families of the assasinated have forgotten what the dictators did to their families.There is a long list of silent families.Why can’t they form a common mutual group to review our history.They can either to pretend foundations in their memories or form a proper intellectual history platform,infrastructure and truth.They are many families; Saitoti,Mbadi,Seroney,Muge,Ouko,Owiti,Kodhek,Ngala,Kajwang,Kilonzo,Odinga(Fidel),Pinto,Adungosi,Ochuka,Kones.These families can change our history if they search for the truth with or without statutory support.Some of these families are rich others poor,truth has no price.Like democracy,it’s priceless.Those pseudo commissions of Inquiry are waste of public time and money.I would also want to know who killed the killers instead having justice meted on the killers.For example I’d really want to know who ordered the chemo-killing of one Hezekiah Oyugi.Who ordered the killing of almost 300 PEV Mungikis.Am sorry for banding some of these funny characters like Mungiki in the same text with your father.We also need to be fully objective.As a historian I’d like to know what were the key challenges and shortfalls of some of these victims of cold blooded assassinations.”


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