A few things have happened in my motherland in the past few days that have caught me thinking. They are so well choreographed and well orchestrated.

1.Uhuru goes silently holed in Mombasa as Kenyan troops die in their numbers in Somalia under Alshabaab. He finally gives in and speaks out many days after.

2. He then goes ahead and speaks of acquiring Armoured Personnel Carriers, not for the army, but for the police, and before we know it, they are in the country, like they were already purchased and were on the highseas home. Nkaisery pretends to go abroad (Jordan) to purchase them…

3. Uhuru leads the AU leaders in Addis Ababa in walking out of the Rome Statute that houses the ICC, branding the ICC anti-African continent. It is the same meeting that Mugabe mannerlessly insults other sovereign nations including USA with unprintable words.

4. Bill is passed in parliament that allows Uhuru to appoint Chief justice, meanwhile a process to discredit supreme court is comment- Justice Tunoi is accused of bribery of 200 million, then it comes to 300 million, then 8 million and still the number shoots to 800million. At this point, Kenyans speak their mind. That, while Waititu demands a reconsideration of his case against Kidero, the case against the presidential election petition must be revisited too.

5. Uhuru’s community through their vernacular Radio Station, Kameme Fm incites and mobilises their community to come out in large numbers and register to vote in Nairobi so their own can capture the Nairobi governor seat as Nairobi is their heart and they can’t stand an “outsider” as governor.


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