WHO IS Evans Ondieki?

Evans Ondieki is the founder and former leader of OPERATION MOI WINS lobby group. Mr. Ondieki is a crook and conman who duped Jaramogi Oginga Odinga in the run-up to the first multi-party elections in 1992 after decades of single party dictatorship. Mr. Ondieki went to the late Jaramogi promising support for Ford-kenya and after being given money to lobby for youth support, Mr. Ondieki took off and went to KANU and used his ‘closeness’ with Jaramogi as an asset to KANU by tabling the cheque that was issued to him by Jaramogi. He succeeded and was given millions of shillings to campaign for KANU by forming OPERATION MOI WINS. Evans Ondieki is fake and a big conman and should be the last person to call others ‘corrupt who should not be allowed to preside over Nairobi county projects”. Gordon KaLorna Teti was a witness to the fraud that was committed by Evans Ondieki as he, Mr. Teti was an insider in Agip House Ford-Kenya Party Headquarters and Mr. Ondieki can attest to that.927620_0


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