EW YORK, UNITED STATES. The Panel of Eminent African Personalities through their leader Koffi Annan has warned President Uhuru Kenyatta against arresting Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Speaking in New York, the former United Nation Secretary General told the Jubilee administration to learn from the 2008 post election violence and avoid the same for the sake of the great people of Kenya. “Arresting Raila is a very dangerous step to take especially on grounds that he blew up a scandal. By threatening to arrest the whistle blower, the President is sending a negative signal that he might have had a hand in whatever transpired” “In my opinion, Mr. Odinga has done what many cannot dare do and it should be given to him. I always try to get in touch with Nairobi but I am told the President is out of the country. We are not ready to go back to Kenya to mediate. We are ready to go as visitors and enjoy our stay as tourists and not as mediators” Said Annan. POLITICA has learnt that two of the eminent personalities former Tanzanian President Benjamin Mkapa and Graca Machel have advanced their warning saying should Uhuru plunge the nation into collapse, they’ll not be part of peace brokers even if they are forced to. Annan has promised to visit Nairobi in the coming days with an open agenda to meet both Raila and Uhuru.

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