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Did ICC officials meet MP Moses Kuria? If you’ve all been following, Kuria is prosecuting the ICC in the court of public opinion, while the ICC is legendary for its secrecy. ICC never actively denies falsehoods peddled on its name. Don’t be surprised that there was no meeting between Kuria and the officials. One person who has been unusually quiet as these shenanigans gain traction is the ICC outreach coordinator in East Africa Ms. Maria Kamara. In my view, whoever has unleashed Kuria is not stupid. The ICC is still a potent tool for political mobilization. You’ve all seen the revived ”prayer rallies”. You’ve also seen the way the DPP is pussyfooting on his case. ODM/CORD has to deal with this new ICC issue. In my view, the party needs to form a special team to critically re-look at the ICC and its new manifestations in Kenya’s politics ahead of 2017 and VERY URGENTLY begin responding to it.

The other way of looking at Jubilee Alliance reviving ICC as an issue in their political prayer rallies is to view it as their acceptance that President Uhuru cannot win the 2017 election by showing his ‘record’ to the people because he has none. The ‘Hakuna Kazi Hapa’ posts they promised to replace with ‘Kuna Kazi Hapa’ are still there. There are no five new stadiums they’ve built. Their ‘land reforms’ record ended when Ngilu managed to find President Uhuru has no land to his name. Education is in jeopardy. Manufacturing sector is dead. More university graduates are graduating into joblessness than into jobs. And more are graduating into loans. Devolution is holding on to its last breadth. On security, 147 is not just a number. The group that’s doing well are tenderpreneuers and those who have business to do with government or for government. Their anti-western world rhetoric ended the day they paraded themselves in western capitals searching for money -Eurobond – half of which they’ve already looted. Obama came, David Cameron got new deal for the British Army here at home. IMF is the new economic advisor of the government. World Bank stranglehold has produced an Opus Dei CBK governor. Measured against the world, and against the three Presidents and two Prime Ministers before him, President Uhuru is the most inconsequential head of the Kenyan society ever. He’s reduced us to comparing ourselves with Burundi, that landlocked country the size of west pokot with no known world patent to its name. He’s reduced us to buying Uganda Sugar. And he hates children and children’s teachers. The only thing that they are doing to hung onto power is to appeal to primitive tribal feelings through ICC fearmongering and hatemongering. So once again we are headed to an election where the ICC is the main main issue. No, ODM/CORD has to develop hopeful counter-narrative.

By now, all of you know Moses Kuria is DP Ruto’s attack dog.
Like his boss, Deputy President William Ruto having realised the ground beneath has fundamentally shifted, especially in his Kalenjin backyard, has to hung onto something. He can’t hung onto his now deceased ‘sterling performance’ as Agriculture Minister or Higher Education Minister because having been elevated to DP level, he has failed terrible in resolving the challenges those two sectors have faced. Let me take you back memory lane: Soon after DP Ruto had been replaced by Hon. Prof. Hellen Sambili, she visited Moi University. I was then the ‘Chief Reporter’ of Moi University Press Club, The 3rd Eye, an undergraduate students press club. I asked her how ‘double intake’ would work. She told me bluntly that only Ruto and Uhuru (then Finance Minister) knew how the system was to work. If you go back to ministry allocations of that time, you will realize Ruto used to get not just the highest allocations (whether at Higher Education or Agriculture) but also in the quickest of time possible. This is what led to the man’s famed ‘efficiency’. When Prof. Sambili took over, they deliberately sabotaged her to create the needed contrast – between her and Ruto. The same happened to Dr. Sally Kosgey, who had also replaced him at some point in Agriculture. For the other ODM ministers, low and delayed allocation was the order of the day. I will give you an example. Cabinet would sit to recommend a certain amount of money for buying land for IDPs. This would be well propagated by the press. Orengo would then start searching for the land. Land owners would quote outrageously high prices. Even as Orengo is searching for the land, the money allocated would then be tactifully delayed. Prayer rallies would be held how the Finace Minister (read Uhuru) has allocated so much money for buying land to IDPs but Orengo (Raila’s man) is ‘sitting on the money’. The delay would go on until everybody has been told about the money Orengo is sitting on. Then they release the money and Orengo buys the land for IDPs. But that is the end of Orengo. Naomi Shaban takes over as the Minister for ‘Special Programmes’. She is quickly facilitated to arrange the IDP cross-over from camps to their new land. The credit goes to Naomi’s boss (Uhuru ofcourse).

In short, DP Ruto’s so called ‘sterling performance’ was the first Mt. Kenya experiment with him. Make him powerful and loved because he is a sterling performer. And those who saw him ‘perform’ believed he will be the greatest Deputy President.

I used to hear my Jubilee friends say that the government would be run by DP Ruto. That his efficiency alone would turn every digital dream into a reality. Well, it’s now three years!

Question is: Without a ‘sterling performance’ to hung onto, what will DP Ruto hung onto? This where the ICC comes in. DP Ruto must be presented to the 2017 electorates in such a way that they sympathize with him. The REPACKAGED ICC rallies are therefore to arouse enough tribal sympathies both amongst the Kikuyus and the Kalenjins. ICC = Sympathy vote


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