Luos wake up bana kwani munangojea a hurufu ya kahawa? It is 2015 and the first Black Kenya American president just gave us a hint that we keep on campaigning base on tribal equation aah! That ain’t cool yo!‪#‎Baba‬‘s opposition is like Jesse Jackson and Rev. Alsharpton the African Americans who kept their campaigns rolling using race card, which was a work in futility even when finally a black president gets elected, Jesse son Jesse Jackson Jr. was the first to be imprisoned for corruption just like the way Cord cronies are looting the counties today cause the National government is also looting on national level and they are victims right?

For ‪#‎Raila2017‬ is a foregone conclusion, the youths have said NO NO NO cause Raila is past and we are talking of present time and we are borrowing this opportunity to shape a better future for our grandchildren. Raila and Uhuru Kenyatta we will be selling the same policy of Luo’s+ kambas+ Luhyas+ others as the new collective admistration =‪#‎Maishabora‬ kwa selected few and Uhuru will be selling Kiuks + kale = Tyranny of numbers, governing what? Looting, insecurity and grounding everything. This is not COOL Politics of NOW? And neither rocket science or mathematics but Mafioso’s arithmatics.

Those shouting ‪#‎babapodpek‬ are just beneficiaries of baba who wants to maintain ‘status quo’ cause they know with just a simple ODM certificate baba’s conservative dog base called ‪#‎Okpingi‬ will “Kidho” anyone standing between there invalid dreams.*Way forward; Cord leaders should all step down and open Cord up for new leadership based on solid policy and a vision for our beloved country Kenya where everyone can believe again in that Kenyan spirit which once and for all will wipe out tribalism and corruption are ‘Non issue’, bring in women and youth participation on an equal platform based on the content what what they can do. I can then guarantee a 100% Win! for opposition! Common let’s all agree Raila is a good people’s watchdog and not manager?achiengeeeeeeeeee


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